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10 Beautiful Air Plants To Admire At Home And The Office

Air plants are gaining popularity due to its low maintenance. They are epiphytes, meaning they can grow without the need of soil. They look good when they are perched on surfaces such as rocks, tree barks, branches and even in terrariums.

Air plants are also shade-tolerant and don’t need much watering. Most air plants just need to be misted and rarely soaked for hours. If they need to be a soaked, use filtered, bottled or rain water. All of these attributes make air plants a good plant for those who don’t have green fingers.

Here are some of the air plants varieties that are beautiful with their unique attributes:

Tillandsia loliacea
James Ho / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Tillandsia loliacea
If the miniature air plants fascinate you, Tillandsia loliacea is a real charmer. The plant itself never gets much larger than an inch and a half tall, but it stretches its flower stalk up another two to three inches to display equally tiny yellow flowers. The small air plants look equally charming perched on wood or clustered in terrariums, where they can soak up the excess moisture.

 Tillandsia tricolor
2. Tillandsia tricolor Air Plants
Tillandsia tricolor has bright green leaves with dark bases. Light coaxes red tints from the foliage and flowers.

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